Organic is not just a trend for Armedangels, it’s their belief and taking responsibility and protecting our environment is not an option but a must! Therefore, this brand only uses sustainable materials.

They only use mulesing- & chlorine-free virgin wool from certified organic livestock. „Mulesing“ is an extremely cruel technique in which the skin around the sheep’s tail is removed - without using any pain killers. This is done to prevent fly maggots from nesting. Organic livestock farming sets high standards to animal welfare and ensures that animals are treated humanely.
TENCEL® is a natural and extremely sustainable fibre, made out of wood (cellulose)! Due to its closed loop (the solvent is used over and over again), the production of the fibre is environmentally friendly. Moreover TENCEL® is a real allrounder. The fibre feels like silk, cools like linen and warms like wool.
There is more plastic waste on this planet than you can imagine. Why not give them a second life and make clothes out of it? Cleaned and melted bottles can easily be spun to yarn like any other fibres. Products made out of recycled plastic are fluffy, breathable, last longer and save energy.
They only use organic cotton that is grown & produced without using any toxic substances. No pesticides, no chemical fertilizer, no chemical madness. Their cotton is organically farmed. That means, only natural fertilizer like cow dung is used for pest control. And of course - genetically modified seeds are completely banned.
Their modal fibre is made of European beechwood and produced using Lenzing’s “Edelweiss® technology”. Cellulose - the raw material - is produced at the same location as the Modal fibre itself. That way the production saves energy and resources.
Linen also called flax is a subshrub, which belongs to the oldest crop plants in the world. Unlike conventional linen, organic linen is cultivated without the use of substances like pesticides, chemical fertilizer or genetically manipulated seeds. Clothes made of linen are soft and light, last long and are relatively resistant against dirt.
Fair, organic, social responsibility ...sure, anyone can say that. To show that these are not just empty words, they work together with these independent organisations.