Thinking Mu

Thinking MU is a sustainable fashion brand for non-conformists and people who passionately believe that life is to be enjoyed and, above all, respected. It began in Barcelona with the ambition of providing a new way of understanding sustainability.

Thinking MU is inspired by nature, arts and crafts, fun, music and people. Designers select the most sustainable fabrics that nature (and research) provides, and they help to make the world a little better.Since their very beginnings, they have worked with a community of local people in India, who help make each Thinking MU garment. By dividing production this way between India y Barcelona, they help a developing country through a long-term relationship, as well as supporting European industry.

Wear with responsibility

When you buy a Thinking MU garment you become part of a story in which every chapter is full of responsibility. Not only because all our garments are made in accordance with fair trade guidelines, but also because there is a team of people in the background who have worked to make every step in the manufacturing process sustainable.

When you buy a garment, it is your responsibility to give it the same love that we have given it. Please take good care of it.